Monday, January 19, 2009


I did this portrait for an online pal. In an odd coincidence, he's yet another guy I know who wears welding goggles and a handlebar mustache. Just like Doctor Tectonic! Maybe this is a fashion trend that I haven't heard about. *makes mental note to purchase welding goggles and regrow mustache; silently weeps over current lack of a mustache*

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xhandas said...

Dear Jeremy , Im a anonymous fan of your webcomic VZB , i just recently discovered your work a few months ago and went through all the old and new strips eagerly waiting for the new ones , however only recently have I encountered a problem accessing your comic's site , i keep on getting the Server not found problem and im really disappointed in my own internet!

I hope that your website is doing fine (which it probably is okay) Viking Zombie Boyfriend is an AWESOME webcomic,and sorry that i had to contact you through here , but i know not of any other of your contacts for the moment~

Anywho , Cheers
-from anonymous Fan :)