Saturday, April 5, 2008

Let's Go To Prison!


This is line art for a book that I'm illustrating. It's for teens and young adults, and it's about making good choices. I converted the line art into an Illustrator file, and added color. I'll post color versions after the book comes out.

This guy up there? He didn't make good choices in his life. Why, oh why did he sell a bag of loose Milk Duds? That shit ain't healthy.

I based the setting on a picture of an actual prison cell. The combination sink/toilet is just like it was in the photo. All stainless steel. Pretty modern lookin'. It wouldn't be out of place in the kitchen on "Top Chef." That circular hole on the left side? That's where the toilet paper goes. What will our prison system think of next?

What's that? You want to see more pictures from this book? Well, if you insist.

Here's Grandma Moses (no, seriously):


The image is based on a photograph of her. I flipped it (but kept the paintbrush in the proper hand) and changed up the background.

Here's an enterprising lady who is marketing her own line of makeup:


I've done way more pictures, but I think this is a nice cross-section.

And I plan to post to this blog more regularly, since I'm doing more art nowadays.

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